Survey research data collection and processing services for academic, nonprofit, and industry researchers

The Survey Research Laboratory (SRL) at the Social Science Research Center has been conducting scientifically-based survey research for over 30 years. Using local, state, and national samples, the laboratory has collected data for over 650 research projects. For telephone-based surveys, the SRL maintains a state-of-the-art call center with 30 interviewer call stations. The laboratory utilizes a robust CATI (computer-assisted-telephone-interviewing) system and the data collection process is based on rigorous sampling methodology. The SRL regularly employs both address-based frames and dual-frame RDD samples that account for cellphone-only households. Quality control of the data is maintained through targeted computer screen and audio monitoring of each call station. Staff members are highly trained in survey interviewing and certified by Mississippi State University’s Institutional Review Board. The SRL operates seven days per week, for eleven and half months per year. The surveys conducted by the SRL cover a broad range of research topics including: healthcare, education, behavioral risk factors, children’s wellbeing, vocational rehabilitation, watershed management, disaster response, and the state of the economy. In cooperation with the Political Science Department at Mississippi State University, the SRL also conducts the only scientifically-based public issues survey in the state of Mississippi – The Mississippi Poll.

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