Processing services that return clean, ready-to-analyze datasets

In addition to the Survey Research Lab’s web-based and telephone-based data collection services, the SRL also offers survey instrument and data handling services for quantitative researchers. Pricing varies by project and services are scheduled to meet researcher’s preferred deadlines.

Data Cleaning

The SRL’s data cleaning service is available to researchers with existing datasets. Under the advisement of the researcher, SRL staff label values and variables, code missing data, compute and recode variables as requested, and return an analysis-ready dataset in SPSS, Stata, Excel, or other preferred formats.

Survey Instrument Optimization

The SRL’s team of survey researchers and methodologists review survey instruments for optimal item design, survey flow, and skip logic validity. The team works with researchers to develop or refine survey instruments that are tailored to the precise data collection needs of researchers.

Data Entry

The SRL offers data entry services for researchers using hard copy survey instruments. Data are entered using double-coder verification by IRB certified personnel. Using an experienced team of data entry personnel, the SRL is able to return highly reliable datasets to researchers with tight turnaround deadlines.

Formatting and Design Services for Paper Instruments

For researchers collecting data with hard copy survey instruments, the SRL’s in-house design team can format existing surveys into easy-to-read, aesthetically-appealing booklets in order to bolster response rate and decrease the risk of data transposition errors. The design team works with researchers to format instruments that are highly accessible for populations of interest and that align with existing study branding. Instruments can also be designed for compatibility with optical character recognition. Printing and delivery is available upon request.

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